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Our Aims

After a memorandum of understanding was signed in July 2016 by Health Education England Kent Surrey and Sussex (HEEKSS) and West Kent CCG (WKCCG), the West Kent Education Network (WKEN) was established as a Community Education Provider Network.


The WKEN operations group is established to combine local and national objectives in the development of the local workforce that ensures the right people with the right skills in the right numbers are developed for the benefit of the people accessing health and social care services in West Kent.

We are fortunate to have a wide variety of staff to work with and it is important that we focus our efforts in the most effective and beneficial manner possible. The following areas are those in which we feel WKEN will have the most impact:


WKEN will work in conjunction with our local organisations to develop education programmes, projects, placements and opportunities all with the aim of encouraging a rewarding and lasting career in Primary and Community care in West Kent. We are a not-for-profit organisation, here purely to support, value and grow our consortium of highly talented colleagues.

Current Workstreams 2021

Develop communities of practice for our GP teams;
Improve the quality of placements by exploring and implementing a hub-and-spoke model placement arrangement;
Utilise the GP workforce tool to create a more meaningful mechanism to collect workforce data so that it can be used for workforce planning.

Our Results

The effectiveness of WKEN will be evident through the quality of training given, the responsiveness of the group to training needs, the retention of those who have received the training and the ongoing provision of innovative high quality, responsive and accessible health services.


As we progress towards an ICS, the locality training hubs will be working together across West, East and North. For further details please see below leaflet.

Training Hub Leaflet