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APPRENTICESHIPS AVAILABLE: Business Admin, Leadership & Clinical pathways

The West Kent Training Hub (WKEN) can now support you to access Levy Funding through a generous offer from Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.  The Levy Funding covers course fees for a multitude of apprenticeships, including Business and Administration, Clinical pathways, Leadership and many more.

The funding does not however cover salary support although there is limited funding available for some nursing apprenticeships.

Please see below for guidance and should you wish to discuss or express an interest in an apprenticeship, please contact Karen Hardy via: [email protected]


Medical Secretary

NHS medical secretaries make sure that our frontline staff are able to dedicate their time to patient care while our personal assistants support our senior leaders.

You will get the training you need to do the job. This includes an introduction to the department, how to use the IT and phone equipment and the procedures to follow. You may also have training in customer care.

You may be offered the chance to take qualifications such as NVQs or those from:

Some medical secretaries/personal assistants become members of AMSPAR or BSMSA. Both AMSPAR and BSMSA offer training, online forums and newsletters so staff can network with others doing the same type of work