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First Contact Practitioners & Advanced Practitioners – Paramedics

The First Contact Practitioners and Advanced Practitioners in Primary Care: (Paramedics) A Roadmap to Practice is a supportive document that provides a clear educational pathway from undergraduate to advanced practice for clinicians wishing to pursue a career in primary care.

Clinicians completing the capability framework will be recognised by Health Education England’s Centre for Advancing Practice and will be placed on a First Contact Practitioner directory.

The ‘roadmap to practice’ outlines the skills and attributes needed to help paramedics become first contact practitioners (FCPs) or advanced practitioners (APs). The new roadmap provides a clear educational pathway for paramedics who wish to work in primary care, as well as setting out the supervision and governance needed and giving training guidance for supervisors.

It clearly articulates the capabilities so that employers and workforce planners can understand what the clinicians can offer to the multi-professional team to enable the best care for their patient population. It also provides clear guidance of the expected supervision needed to support the roadmap to practice and outlines the bespoke supervision training that a supervisor needs to have completed.

It is expected that all clinicians applying for roles in primary care will have completed training and have been recognised by our Centre for Advancing Practice prior to job interview by April 2022.

From April 2021 clinicians should have started either the portfolio route of have started an FCP HEI level 7 module to prospectively and retrospectively to meet this deadline.

By providing a standard of practice there is a solid governance structure around First Contact roles and advanced practice in primary care. This ensures gold standard care and puts our patient’s safety first.

Note: The mandatory e-learning modules for personalised care in the roadmap have moved onto the new personalised care platform