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HEE South East advance practicee – A guide to implementing and funding advanced practice 2022-2023

Advanced clinical practitioners come from a range of professional backgrounds such as nursing, pharmacy, and allied health professionals. They are healthcare professionals educated to Master’s level and have developed the skills and knowledge to allow them to take on expanded roles and scope of practice caring for patients.

Health Education England has established the Centre for Advancing Practice to support education and training for advanced practitioners in England by:

  • developing agreed national training standards for advanced practice education
  • delivering a programme accreditation process (kitemarking) for training courses for advanced level practice.

HEE has worked extensively with professional bodies and other stakeholders to develop the Centre and is committed to continuing this collaborative approach.

The important role of professional bodies in encouraging excellence in their professions and registering practitioners will continue to be part of the total picture of quality assurance that is necessary for advanced level practice to grow and thrive. HEE is also working towards how the recognition of non-statutorily regulated professions that might also be able to be recognised at advanced and consultant level.

This useful link will provide an overview:

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Your locality Primary Care Workforce Programme Manager is also available to discuss any questions you may have. Please contact [email protected]