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Clinical Champions

My name is Sally Retallick and I am a Practice Nurse & PCN nurse lead in West Kent area and passionate about exercise and the benefits to us and our patients.

I have also started working with PHE to deliver FREE sessions at PLT’s & team meetings at GP surgeries and  clinics in both primary and secondary care. The sessions last from 1 – 2 hours and I can arrange with a local activity provider like ‘OneYouKent’ to provide further info about activities running in your area. It is hoped that the sessions are delivered to at least 12-15 Health Care Professionals but this can include pre-reg nursing and medical students. Other GP staff, HCAs and Social Prescribers etc are welcome to attend. Please let me know if you would like further info or to book a session. The sessions can also be run at evening meetings.

Details can be found on the link below and I can be contacted via email on: [email protected]